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Day 17 – Summiting Kala Pattar

Start: 17,500 ft     Summit: 18,200 ft     End: 16,100 ft     Total Time: 7hrs Today we begin our whirlwind speed descent down to the airport in Lukla to fly off of the mountain. What took us 7 days of climbing to reach (with a few rest days for acclimatization thrown in) will…

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Day 13 – Base Camp!

Start: 16,100 ft     End: 17,500 ft    Total Time: 8 hrs We made it!! After 10 days of climbing over 8,500 ft, battling altitude and illness, we have finally made it. Base camp is very different from what I was expecting. Tucked into a horseshoe of mountains we…

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Day 11 – Our First Base Camp

Start: 13,900 ft     End: 15,800 ft     Highest Elevation: 16,100 ft     Total Time: 4hr 30min Today we reached the base camp for climbing Loboche (summit around 21,000 ft). This mountain will get climbed by most of the group that we are with. Some of the…

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