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Itinerary – How Do You Get to the North Pole?

Over the next three weeks I am embarking on a great adventure with my Dad and two of my sisters, Anna and Dever. Together we will be surviving freezing temperatures, riding dogsleds, and chopping through ice ridges to reach the top of the world. For our trip we’ve opted for…

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Update from John #1 – Survived the Icefall!

Yesterday my dad left for his 6 day acclimatization trek on Everest which involves passing through the Khumbu Icefall, the most dangerous part of the mountain. There is a constant threat of ice shifts and avalanches from multiple mountains. At the bottom of this post is a short itinerary for…

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Quick Stats: Total Days to Reach Base Camp: 10 (7 days of climbing, 3 acclimatization days) Total Elevation Gained: ~9100 feet Altitude of Base Camp: 17,598 feet above sea level Total Days to Descend from Base Camp: 4 days hiking Itinerary: 29  Mar       Arrive Kathmandu 1317m 30  Mar      …

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