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Day 21 – Most Dangerous Aiport in the World

Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla, the world’s most dangerous airport, is the stage for today’s events. A quick pack and breakfast preceded our hurry over to the “terminal.” The terminal building was a madhouse consisting of visitors waiting around while locals help to organize tickets, weigh and check bags, and shepherd…

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Planning for Day 4 – Flying to Lukla

Tomorrow we fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and will finally begin trekking at long last. Here is the sequence of events for scheduling our travel to Lukla as it happened. Stay tuned (or consider following by email) for the Day 4 blog post for pictures and to find out what…

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Day 0 – Flying to Nepal

The adventure has begun! At 11:40 EST we took off from Dulles airport travelling 14 hours in the air before landing in Doha, Qatar. With an 8 hour layover we had just enough time to get a ride to a nearby hotel, have some dinner, and try to catch some…

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