Second Acclimitization Hike – Day 2

Our second hike was more enjoyable because it wasn’t quite as steep going up or down.

This second acclimatization hike covered same amount of elevation gain as before (1,100m or 3,600 ft) but over twice the distance (over 6 miles this time). We certainly had our moments of steep terrain, my watch said 30% grade in some parts, but they were brief stretches.

Today we were climbing up to a Ukrainian observatory which also offers some wonderful views of the surrounding areas. We also got to see the chair lift we will ride tomorrow to our new home for a few nights (called “the barrels”). We will spend 3 nights at the barrels before making our summit push, pretty close now!

I’m feeling pretty good thus far. Today’s hike was a bit tougher because I didn’t have any snacks with me today and ran out of energy on the way back down. Something to keep in mind for the next few days!


Posting update: While we are on Elbrus I will try to continue to update this blog via a satellite phone but the technology is usually spotty at best. So if you don’t see any new posts that is likely the reason.

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