Day 7 – Reaching the Pole Tomorrow!

It’s now only 7.4 miles to the Pole! After traveling 9 miles today we are now closer to the North Pole than our last camp site.  Hopefully the terrain, weather and dogs will cooperate for us to reach the Pole tomorrow afternoon.

Today started off with some open water in a crack that went for miles.  When we come across an obstacle like this we pause while the guides scope out the situation ahead.  Once they have found the best line, which sometimes takes hours of searching, we use our shovels and axes to fix the path.  This particular stretch today was a few hundred feet wide and required ice bridges to be built in a few spots (video to come).  It’s a huge adrenaline rush to cross these ice bridges as the five hundred pound sled pinballs back and forth.  I am on the back of the sled holding on for dear life and slinging my weight to stop the sled from tipping.

A short night of sleep tonight, a little over 5 hours, so that we leave ourselves enough time to reach the Pole.  Shivering with anticipation, I hope Santa is there to great us!

Open water at the pole

Open water at the pole

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