Day 4 – Going South to go North

We started today knowing we had a big stretch of open water to get across (also known as a “lead”).  While we were able to build a road of ice to cross this first lead we soon came across a stretch of open water  that was a few hundred feet wide, much too wide for us to cross.  Our only option was to pick a side and try to go around or find suitable ice to attempt a crossing.

We chose to go east which we would soon find out was very unlucky.  It took us an hour following the lead before stopping on some very sketchy ice.  We could actually hear and see the ice sheets coming together.  Quickly realizing this was not a safe place to be, we tried to head south and eventually doubled back onto our original path.  Thankfully the water eventually narrowed and we were able to build an ice bridge to cross it (video to come later).

This type of thing continued all day and 8 tiring hours later we had travelled only 4 miles north.  The day had plenty of excitement, though, with looming water,  audible shifting ice plates and constructed ice bridges of various lengths.  Hopefully tomorrow that excitement will push us closer to the pole!

Riding on our three dogsleds

Riding on our three dogsleds

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  1. Sean Burke - April 18, 2013

    Very exciting to read about your travels! keep the updates coming and be safe!

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