Day 3 – Daily Routine at 15 Degrees Below Zero

Last night the few feet of ice we were sleeping on drifted 1.5 miles north and pretty significantly east,  165 degrees to 175 degrees.  It is wild to imagine the ocean just feet below us.  We specifically picked our starting point to give us the best drift so it’s great to see it’s working out.  Today we travelled 10 miles total and 9 miles north, quite good!

View from the back of a dogsled

View from the back of a dogsled

To get a better sense of what this trip is like, I will take some time to go through a “normal” day on the ice.  Starting with a wake up call around 7 a.m. it takes about 4 hours to eat breakfast and get the sled all packed up.  It’s surprising how long it takes to get ready when we have to boil ice and snow for all our water.

Once packed we travel for 7 to 8 hours over the rugged icy terrain.  Instead of stopping for lunch we snack and sip water all throughout the day.  It’s just too cold and too difficult with the dogs to stop for any extended period of time.  This has us getting into camp around 6 or 7 p.m. to pitch tents and boil water for our dehydrated dinner.

It doesn’t feel like a busy day but rather a complete day.  One that leaves me tired but looking forward to the next when we make it that much closer to the pole.



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  1. Angela - April 17, 2013

    Drifting 1.5 miles north? Sounds like cheating to me! :) When you stopped playing words with friends I got a little concerned, but glad to see you’re all doing great. Best of luck going forward!

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