Day 1 – We’ve Made It!

IMG_0164After 7 flights and numerous delays, John, Dever, Anna and I have made it to the polar ice cap.  Located 1 degree from the pole, we’ll start our north trek tomorrow morning.

Our 3 hour flight delay this morning culminated in the fastest boarding I’ve ever been a part of, basically just walked on the plane.  Two and a half hours later we were in Barneo eating hot food and listening to an informational power point.  After a short break we were on a helicopter with our sleds and the dogs flying an hour to our starting point.

In flight we got a glimpse of the terrain we will be crossing including ice walls and open water.  The best way to describe it is it looked like a groundhog had buried lines below the surface in a cartoon.

All in good spirits and looking forward to starting bright and early tomorrow morning.IMG_8298

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