Leaving for the North Pole!

In a few hours my Dad, two of my sisters, and I will leave for the polar ice cap! Our group of 10 (including 3 guides) will depart Longyearbyen to finally begin the trip to the pole. We fly out of Longyearbyen to the Barneo Research Station and then go by helicopter to our starting point. As it turns out, Barneo is less than one degree of longitude from the pole so, surprisingly, we will actually take the helicopter away from the pole in order to travel the full last degree of longitude.

I will be attempting to keep this blog updated with the help of some of those not on the trip, but anything electronics related is always uncertain in these types of environment. So if something disrupts the update process there will be plenty of photos, videos, etc. once we have safely returned to Longyearbyen in roughly 7-10 days.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, thanks for following along and send us warm thoughts!

The team and our sleds!

The team and our sleds!

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  1. Chanh - April 13, 2013

    Have a safe trip! Hope you see a polar bear (in a safe way)!

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