Itinerary – How Do You Get to the North Pole?

Over the next three weeks I am embarking on a great adventure with my Dad and two of my sisters, Anna and Dever. Together we will be surviving freezing temperatures, riding dogsleds, and chopping through ice ridges to reach the top of the world.

For our trip we’ve opted for a program to travel the last degree of longitude from 89 degrees North to the pole. A group of 10 of us (which includes 3 guides) will travel by dogsled and cross country ski over the course of 10 days. We’ll have to contend with expected temperatures of 0 degrees F down to -40 degrees F to keep warm. There will be constant obstacles to overcome such as ice ridges and open water due to the constantly shifting nature of the ice.

Here’s our Itinerary:
April 5-7 — Fly to Oslo, Norway
April 7-9 — Explore Oslo
April 9 — Fly to Longyearbyen, Norway
April 9-11 — Explore Longyearbyen
April 12-13 — Meet with Team and Prepare
April 13 — Fly to Russian Borneo Research Station
April 13-23 — Travel by Dogsled and Ski from 89th Parallel to the Pole
April 23 — Celebrate!
April 23-25 — Return Home


  1. Charles - April 12, 2013

    Alex, you’ve been playing words with friends with King and Flax during your exploration of Longyearbyen? Who does that?! It looks like you’re about to set off on your dogsled adventure… Have a safe/fun trip!

  2. Bharath - April 13, 2013

    Dang! What’s the cost of getting to the North Pole? I assume the flight to the research station and subsequent trip must be crazy!

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