Update from John #3 – Safely Back at Base Camp

Another update courtesy of my mom.

“I spoke with John this morning.  He got back to Base Camp yesterday [from Camp 2] after a slightly eventful morning.  Apparently one of the sherpas, 41, had a stroke while walking down the mountain.  He was stabilized there on the spot and evacuated quickly by helicopter to Katmandu.  Everyone else’s return to Base Camp was uneventful.

At this point the expedition is in a holding pattern.  The weather, coupled with the bad existing conditions, have put a pessimistic spin on the viability of this trip.  John is being very patient (at which he excels!) while all of the opinions are sorted out.  Right now they are in a wait and see pattern, but that could change at any moment.

John spent his day today digitizing movies and hanging out in the whitepod.  You can check out this whitepod on YouTube [or in this previous post].  It is quite something to have this available at Base Camp.  You might imagine how stir crazy the folks would get if they had to hang out in their tiny tents day after day after day.  Today is a Brian’s (a guide) birthday, so John said a “shindig” was planned in the whitepod tonight to celebrate.

That’s all for now…

Have a great day!”

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