Update from John #2 – Still at Camp 2

Updated passed along from my mom earlier today (Tuesday):

“As you might imagine, communication is tough.  According to John, he is in a small valley between 2 peaks, and satellite connection is limited.  When he calls we speed talk for about a minute or less before the satellite disconnects.  He will call back once the satellite has connected again.  This continues until we both get weary of it.

This morning he said the reason that they didn’t move yesterday was because of 70 kilometer winds (that’s about 43 mph) and the dangerous route.  He said they are still trying to forge a new route [to Camp 3] as today the wind has totally died down.  They went for a “walk” over to Lhotse just to keep the body moving and getting used to altitude and activity.  He was unsure regarding the current plan moving forward, and was hoping to be updated shortly during dinner.  As you can imagine, the plan changes daily depending on conditions.

He did mention one other item.   There was a National Geographic team there (they were there when I was there, too) trying to climb the west face of Everest.  A climber and photographer, Cory Richards, was airlifted off Mount Everest Saturday after suffering a possible, though as yet undiagnosed, pulmonary embolism.  This guy was part of a National Geographic Society and North Face expedition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. ascent of Everest. John said there were only 2 guys so Richards’ illness effectively shut down the expedition.  Sad…

Until next time…”

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  1. Annette - May 2, 2012

    It was Cory Richards climbing with Conrad Anker. They had been at the white pod w/ the climbers a week before, Joe had commented on that.

    Glad you got this note out, I was wondering on their status! Thanks again ;o)

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