Day 22 – Another Day of Recovering in Kathmandu

We didn’t do much today besides sleep and recover in our hotel in Kathmandu. As a result, instead of a written blog entry I will post some of my favorite, previously unseen, pictures from the trek.

Fisherman in Everest Base Camp

Fisherman in Everest Base Camp - Courtesy of our Sherpas

Trekking over the suspension bridge

One of the Many Suspension Bridges we Crossed in our Trek

Tibetan Prayer Wheel

Large Tibetan Prayer Wheel on the Trail, These are to Be Spun Clockwise When Passed

Sherpas Carrying Boards

Sherpas Would Carry Plywood and Other Pieces of Wood Along the Trail, Often Passing Us

Typical building in first day of trekking

Typical Building along the Trail, The Colors Were Always Quite Vivid


  1. Maureen Kammerer - April 21, 2012

    What a remarkable, exciting and fantastic journey. I have been thrilled to read it and have garnered some donations from friends for Nianjema as a result. My hat is off to you and your indomitable Mom. Congratulations. Maureen Kammerer

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