Day 14 – Well Deserved Rest in Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Setup

Everest Base Camp Setup

Today is our first of three victorious rest days in Everest Base Camp before we begin our descent. We get to spend our day reading, relaxing, napping, and anything else to pass the time. Luckily our camp is the nicest around for recovering. The center of camp and our main relaxation area is the “White Pod,” a 25 ft tall hemisphere covered in canvas. This pod is loaded with chairs and mini couches, widescreen tv, espresso machine, and most importantly a heater. Tonight we are watching the movie, “Quantum of Solace”, aka we are really roughing it.

In addition to the white pod for meals we have 4 dining tents and one kitchen tent (the dining tents and white pod are in the center of the photo above). In addition to our individual tents scattered across the glacier we also have toilet tents and a shower tent for us to use. There are also a few storage tents that, along with numerous tents for the Sherpas, are off limits for trekkers and climbers.

The philosophy behind our camp is hygiene, hygiene, and comfort. The goal is for climbers to reserve as much energy as possible for the summit attempt. If they get sick or are suffering through the harsh environment it sucks their energy right out. We have a stainless steel kitchen and stainless steel toilets (can you say COLD!) for hygiene. Although they have to be carried here on a Sherpas back, they are well worth their weight in protecting climbers’ health.

Today we relax among the afternoon snow, periodic avalanches, and rock slides – happy to be conserving energy for the trek down in a few days.

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