Day 13 – Base Camp!

Start: 16,100 ft     End: 17,500 ft    Total Time: 8 hrs

We made it!! After 10 days of climbing over 8,500 ft, battling altitude and illness, we have finally made it.

Base camp is very different from what I was expecting. Tucked into a horseshoe of mountains we are located 20 minutes from the Khumbu Icefall, the most dangerous section of the mountain.  Everest Base Camp for our group is a series of tents temporarily built on top of a moving glacier. In fact we heard the glacier cracking last night as it slid ever so slightly. Our camp is located slightly southwest of the group of prayer flags and rocks considered the geographical location of Everest Base Camp.

Today’s trek ended up matching our longest day as we traveled over increasingly large rocks and boulders in order to reach Everest Base Camp. During the last hour we were told to have at least one ear free in order to listen for potential rock avalanches. It was quite exhilarating as we wound our way into the mass of tents that will be my mom’s and my home for the next four nights and my dad’s home for the next two months. (I’ll describe the layout of camp in more detail in future posts and will post pictures when we can get enough bandwidth to send more of the 1000+ pictures I’ve taken)

Now we relax. For the next three days our largest exertion will be walking to the dining tents for meals and short treks around base camp for views and pictures.

Thanks to everyone who made this half of the journey possible.

My Family and I with Trip Leader Russell Brice at Everest Base Camp

My Family and I with Trip Leader Russell Brice at Everest Base Camp


  1. Louise Williams - April 11, 2012

    Sleeping on top of a moving glacier… Yikes!

  2. ecarney1 - April 11, 2012

    So proud of you guys! Looking forward to more stories :)

  3. Suzanna Kay Carney - April 11, 2012

    This IS the day the Lord has made, let us REJOICE…..

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