Day 8 – Trek to Phortse

Parents on Trail near Phortse

Parents on Trail near Phortse

Start: 12,400 ft     End: 12,500 ft     Highest Elevation: 13,050 ft     Total Time: 3hr 45mins

Feeling refreshed from the rest day, we woke up ready to resume climbing.  Today’s hike was a moderate up and down hike out of Khumjung before stopping for tea at this restaurant/lodge (at this stage most buildings along the trail are restaurant/lodges). It had a well paved concrete patio filled with numerous plastic tables and chairs were we could sit and soak in the incredible views as we recovered from the hike so far.

As we were sipping on our milk tea and lemon tea (by far the two most popular hot drinks at each place we stop) we were getting the rundown of the remaining trail from the guides. And it was a doozy.

Heading out from the tea spot we would immediately descend about 700m (2,100 ft) before crossing a metal bridge and immediately climbing back up about 400m (1,200 ft). And the kicker is that during the majority of the descent we can see our destination across the river. Taunting us.

Don’t worry, there’s a time lapse (to be posted after we return).

Luckily while the descent was extremely steep, the climb was much more gradual, which was greatly appreciated by all of us. It’s really easy to tell when the trail gets steep because all of the sudden the dirt path becomes a set of stone stairs.

My favorite part of each day is when the destination town finally comes into view. This was a bit more dramatic today since we could see the town for the entire 45 minute descent and then couldn’t see the town at all during the ascent until we popped up above the treeline and the town was right in front of us.

We have this afternoon to prepare for the longest distance day tomorrow. As my roommate John Burns says, it will separate the men from the mice.


  1. Mark - April 6, 2012

    Sounds amazing Alex (except for the milk tea – not sure how I feel about that). Good luck on the long-day tomorrow!

  2. Susan Defibaugh - April 6, 2012

    Your trip sounds fascinating! Thanks for writing a blog so we can “experience” this awesome adventure with you!!

  3. marciaplotkin - April 6, 2012

    This is fabulous. Can’t wait for the book. Marcia Plotkin (neighbors of your parents)

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