North Pole 2013

Exploring the Inside of a Glacier

Norway is famous for its fjords which cover the island we’re staying on. As you likely know these fjords are carved out by glaciers over vast amounts of time. These glaciers are constantly shifting, particularly as they thaw and freeze, which cracks the ice and forms gaps as it moves. These…

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In Search of a Polar Bear

In Longyearbyen, polar bears are both legends and mysteries. Each guide has a story about locals who have been killed and anyone leaving the town is required to carry a gun for protection. Simultaneously, there are only about two to three thousand polar bears on the island and surprisingly few…

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First Taste of 24 Hour Sunlight (Longyearbyen)

And just like that we’ve made it to the northernmost city in the world, Longyearbyen, Norway (pronounced long-year-bin). Situated on Spitsbergen, an island off the coast of Norway at the 78th parallel North, it has become the starting point for expeditions to the North Pole. Fast Facts on Longyearbyen: -There…

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Learning the History (Exploring Oslo)

I bet you aren’t surprised that there are no direct flights from San Francisco or Washington DC to the North Pole. It may surprise you however to find out that it takes 5 plane flights and 1 helicopter ride to reach our starting point of the 89th parallel on the…

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Itinerary – How Do You Get to the North Pole?

Over the next three weeks I am embarking on a great adventure with my Dad and two of my sisters, Anna and Dever. Together we will be surviving freezing temperatures, riding dogsleds, and chopping through ice ridges to reach the top of the world. For our trip we’ve opted for…

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