On the Trail

Day 21 – Most Dangerous Aiport in the World

Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla, the world’s most dangerous airport, is the stage for today’s events. A quick pack and breakfast preceded our hurry over to the “terminal.” The terminal building was a madhouse consisting of visitors waiting around while locals help to organize tickets, weigh and check bags, and shepherd…

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Day 20 – The Last Yak

Start: 11,300 ft     End: 9,300 ft     Total Time: 7hrs 30mins Our last day of hiking was a bittersweet day. It was one of the most difficult days coming after three arduous days of hiking. And yet it was the end of what had become our normal reality. Hiking with my…

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Day 19 – Walking in the Rain and Hail

Start: 12,900 ft     End: 11,300 ft     Total Time: 8hrs As we continued what my mom was coming to call our “Forced March” we realized that while ascending is an experience, descending is simply about getting from point A to point B. Our departure time was pushed up from 9am to…

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Day 18 – Descending to Pangboche

Start: 16,100 ft     End: 12,900 ft     Total Time: 7hrs Today we continue our condensed trek down the mountain to Lukla airport where we can fly back to civilization. What took us two days to climb up we will be descending in just one. And it was a mighty long day….

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Day 17 – Summiting Kala Pattar

Start: 17,500 ft     Summit: 18,200 ft     End: 16,100 ft     Total Time: 7hrs Today we begin our whirlwind speed descent down to the airport in Lukla to fly off of the mountain. What took us 7 days of climbing to reach (with a few rest days for acclimatization thrown in) will…

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Day 16 – Last Day before Descending

Staying connected has been significantly more challenging here at Everest Base Camp than during the trek in. Luckily with my Dad’s local SIM card from Kathmandu we can make calls out for only slightly more than 3 cents per minute, incredibly cheap. Unfortunately, although the signal works for calls, it…

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Day 15 – Khumbu Icefall

While today is another rest day, we are going on a short excursion (45 min each way) to head to the bottom of the Khumbu Icefall. The terrain on the way through Base Camp to reach the icefall was almost as fascinating as the icefall itself. In the picture above…

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Day 14 – Well Deserved Rest in Base Camp

Today is our first of three victorious rest days in Everest Base Camp before we begin our descent. We get to spend our day reading, relaxing, napping, and anything else to pass the time. Luckily our camp is the nicest around for recovering. The center of camp and our main…

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Day 13 – Base Camp!

Start: 16,100 ft     End: 17,500 ft    Total Time: 8 hrs We made it!! After 10 days of climbing over 8,500 ft, battling altitude and illness, we have finally made it. Base camp is very different from what I was expecting. Tucked into a horseshoe of mountains we…

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