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Second Acclimitization Hike – Day 2

Our second hike was more enjoyable because it wasn’t quite as steep going up or down. This second acclimatization hike covered same amount of elevation gain as before (1,100m or 3,600 ft) but over twice the distance (over 6 miles this time). We certainly had our moments of steep terrain,…

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First Glimpse of Elbrus – Day 1

Today we got our first views of Elbrus and it is gorgeous! (photos to come as wi-fi permits) For the first of our acclimitization hikes we would be heading up to a cafe at 3100m (10,200 ft) – a long way from our hotel at 2000m (6,600 ft). Clearly that…

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Day 8 – At the top of the world

At 5:15pm today our hard work paid off and we arrived at our North Pole! I say our North Pole because the ice sheet is constantly shifting and so it was only exactly 90 degrees N at the moment we first arrived. Many pictures, video, and stories to come once…

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Day 7 – Reaching the Pole Tomorrow!

It’s now only 7.4 miles to the Pole! After traveling 9 miles today we are now closer to the North Pole than our last camp site.  Hopefully the terrain, weather and dogs will cooperate for us to reach the Pole tomorrow afternoon. Today started off with some open water in…

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Day 6 – Sweetest Dogs in the World

Our goal is now simple, sixteen miles to the Pole in 2 days.  We made great progress today turning out 10 miles in 7 hours.  The day was a bit of a sandwich with smooth ice in the middle and difficult patches to start and end the day. When we first met…

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Day 5 – Halfway There!

Today we hit the halfway point!  It was a full day sledding over ice boulders and ice breaking beneath us.  We ended up traveling 1o more miles north leaving us with 27 miles to go over the next 3 days.  While we have gone 33 miles north so far we…

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Day 4 – Going South to go North

We started today knowing we had a big stretch of open water to get across (also known as a “lead”).  While we were able to build a road of ice to cross this first lead we soon came across a stretch of open water  that was a few hundred feet…

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Day 3 – Daily Routine at 15 Degrees Below Zero

Last night the few feet of ice we were sleeping on drifted 1.5 miles north and pretty significantly east,  165 degrees to 175 degrees.  It is wild to imagine the ocean just feet below us.  We specifically picked our starting point to give us the best drift so it’s great to see…

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Day 2 – Finding the Rhythm

Today was the first full day of dogsledding.  It was all about finding what works and what doesn’t.  It’s cold enough outside (-15 degrees F without the wind) that every inch of skin is covered.  It took me a few tries to find the right covering for my face to…

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